Orbits - A Planet Tracker

Available for free on the app store, this planet reference app provides descriptions, media, facts, and 3d models of the planets and their moons. This project is coded entirely in Swift.

Captioned, high-resolution images
See details on the surfaces of planets thanks to NASA spacecraft
Browse and manipulate scienftifically accurate models of all the planets
View dozens of pieces of detailed data about planets and their moons

Band Insider Android companion app

Regrettably scraped due to API deprication, this was an Android applicaton with full site functionality in a fantastic looking interface.

Get information about big music festivals!
Scout your favorite bands!
Get tickets to conterts around you!
View loads of metadata information on millions of artists and albums

A collection of scenes for a digital art course rendered in Blender using techniques learned from an earlier digital modeling course.

Other Projects

Kinnect Slouch tracking

Paper (pdf)


In this work, we are determining if a Kinect, a Microsoft motion sensing device, could be used as an effective tool for improving posture of users while sitting at a workstation or any kind of desk, table, or chair. Since the Kinect has the capability of identifying humans in its field of view and using its depth sensing capabilities to accurately track their joints, we believe that it can effectively differentiate between users sitting upright and slouching. We also discuss our implementation of a program that utilizes the Kinect to alert a user when their posture is bad.

PC Buildr

Project Info

A simple Ruby on Rails project I did as a group project. It pulls compatible parts from a database based on the parameters that the user enters and outputs a computer build for the user. This is a sample project for a business idea. Eventually it should automatically email the business owner a list of parts that the user wants built, and maybe even payment info through a service like PayPal.

Mana Count


Simple native app to help keep track of a card game I play.